Academic Affairs

The mission of the Office of Academic Affairs is to provide leadership and service to faculty, staff, and students in their roles as members of the UW Colleges' community.

The Office of Academic Affairs promotes and ensures academic quality in the UW Colleges and encourages the efficient use of resources to achieve that end. It does so through a variety of programs, ongoing activities, and special projects designed to achieve excellence in instruction, curriculum, and the academic environment. These initiatives aim to engage students in their pursuit of learning. The Office strives to be student-centered in all its work, while at the same time being responsive to the needs of faculty, instructional academic staff, staff, and administrators.

Academic Affairs Priorities

  • On-going Institutional, Campus, and Department Support and Leadership
  • Supporting Institutional Priorities and the Strategic Plan
  • Promoting Teaching Excellence
  • Facilitating Credit and Non-credit Curriculum Development and Outreach
  • Coordinating Professional Development Activities
  • Coordinating Assessment Activities
  • Gathering and Disseminating Information for Decision Making
  • Coordinating and Supporting Distance Education Programming and its Development
  • Developing, Implementing, and Coordinating the Engaging Students in the First Year Initiative
  • Complying with UW System, State, Federal and HLC Reporting Requirements
  • Supporting the Colleges Community
  • Student Engagement

During 2018/19, the Office of Academic Affairs is working with UW System, the administration of the 13 branch campuses and UW Colleges Online to ensure academic quality and to encourage the efficient use of resources to achieve that end. 

As of July 2018, UW Colleges is a non-accredited service provider of central services for seven UW receiving institutions in the state.