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UW Colleges Directory Listings

UW Colleges uses a single online directory system. Use the following steps to add, remove or update/correct employee information.

Add an Employee

1. Contact the campus CAS. The CAS will request that HR add the employee's name and information into PRISM.
2. Notify of requested PRISM addition. Include new employee’s email. Additions need to be made in PRISM before the website can beupdated or the online directory will remain incorrect.

Remove an Employee

1. Email with their email address and request removal from the online directory.

Note: Please do not request to remove an employee if they are changing 2‐year branch campuses. Request an update instead.

Update/Correct Employee Directory Information
(Examples: Title, Campus Location, Phone Number)

1. Contact the campus CAS. The CAS will request that HR update the directory in PRISM. PRISM must be updated first or the online directory will remain incorrect.
2. Report the update to the webmaster by completing the web form.

Update/Correct Employee Individual Bio Information
(Examples: Office Hours, Schedule, Education, Links, Photos, CV)

Option 1: Through Webmaster
1. Email with individual bio updates.

Option 2: Self‐Service Updates
1. Log in to the main site.
Once logged in:
2. Go to:‐search
3. Find yourself in the directory.
4. Click “Edit” and edit information as needed.
5. Click “Save”.