May 2017

Summer Goals For College Success

5/18/17By UW Colleges

After a long school year, summer is finally here. Fun, adventure and relaxation are on the minds of students everywhere, and chances are you've earned it. Summer is also the perfect time to set yourself up for success in fall.  

Maybe you...

UW Colleges' Finals Playlist

5/8/17By UW Colleges

It’s “The Final Countdown,” and we know you're “Under Pressure,” but that doesn’t mean finals has to get you down. Having the perfect study playlist can “Help!” you find the “Eye of The Tiger.” We reached out to students from UW Colleges...

How We Make College Accessible

5/4/17By UW Colleges

If you’re in college or plan on attending in the future, you’ve likely heard the stories about rising student debt. In 2015, the average Wisconsin graduate held more than $29,000 in student loan debt. That number can make college seem out of...

Apr 2017

Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

4/28/17By UW Colleges
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Five Reasons To Take A Summer Course

4/26/17By UW Colleges

Summer is a special time in Wisconsin. It's an opportunity after a long, cold winter to get out, do something fun and experience everything the state has to offer. Whether you want to check out local fairs and festivals, spend a week at...

Students present research in state capitol

4/13/17By UW Colleges

Seven UW Colleges campuses sent 22 students to Madison this week for the UW System's annual Research in the Rotunda event. Students worked for months with faculty, local businesses and other groups to study topics like GPS accuracy, effects of...

Find The Perfect Major With These Strategies

4/3/17By UW Colleges

Attending college is a formative experience for any student. You'll choose your classes, get involved on campus and learn plenty of new things. The college experience requires you make important decisions and grow as a person. Perhaps the most...

Mar 2017

Summer Courses For Every Interest

3/27/17By UW Colleges

Summer break is just around the corner and you're probably coming up with ways to make the most of it. The summer months are a great time to hit the lake, catch a baseball game or take a trip. If you're looking to have it all, to have some fun...

Why UW Colleges Professors Stand Out

3/21/17By UW Colleges

When you choose a college you want to make sure it's the right one for you. A good location, affordable tuition and quality academic programs are all important factors in your choice. One more major thing to think about: the quality of a school's...

UW Colleges Begins Search For New Provost

3/9/17By UW Colleges

UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen released the following statement on the search for a new Provost.

After more than three decades in service to UW Colleges—including seven as provost and vice chancellor for academic...