Jul 2018

Checklist for Fall Success

7/20/18By UW Colleges

Now is the time to start thinking about fall semester. It’s important to do a little preparation to be successful this upcoming school year. What are your goals? Are you prepared for your courses? Is your schedule finalized? Use our...

5 Ways to Stay Motivated in School

7/13/18By UW Colleges


Staying motivated isn’t always easy. As homework piles on, you may feel too overwhelmed to even begin. With these five tips, you’ll get back into your academic groove.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Get your eight hours!...

5 Ways to Switch Up Your Studying Routine

7/9/18By UW Colleges

Have you ever been in a study slump? Are you feeling a lack of motivation? Switching up your studying routine may be the solution to get back on track. Here are a few tips to change things up!

1. Find a New Study Spot


Jun 2018

You got the internship. Now what?

6/22/18By UW Colleges

Congratulations, you just landed an internship! Now that you’ve impressed your new employer and you’re hired, it’s time to make the most of your internship. This is the time to build your resume, learn important skills and make...

UW Colleges Summer 2018 Playlist

6/14/18By UW Colleges

Summer is finally here! It’s time to relax and have some fun. To get things started, you’re going to need some tunes. Follow the UW Colleges Summer 2018 Playlist to find some tracks to get you into this season’s groove.

“Will You...

Tips for Making the Most of Your Summer Course

6/8/18By UW Colleges

Taking a summer course was a smart decision! You can get ahead while making your semester schedule more flexible. Use this time to make the most of this course by following these tips:

Channel Your Focus

Now that it’s...

5 Ways to Stay on Track This Summer

6/5/18By UW Colleges

Summer is the perfect time to unwind and relax after a tough semester. Though some R&R is important, summer can also be used as a time to get ahead. You can finally do the things you’ve been meaning to during the semester.


May 2018

How to Narrow Down Your College Decision

5/23/18By UW Colleges

During your college search, you may feel a little frazzled. There are so many campuses out there that have different things to offer whether that be majors, transfer plans or student activities. Before your head starts to spin, follow...

Reasons to Earn a Degree Close to Home 

5/17/18By UW Colleges

When choosing a school, it’s important to think through your options. Where will you save the most money? Are you looking for a smaller campus environment? Going to a campus close to home has many benefits. Find out why earning a degree...

5 Ways to Beat Finals Stress

5/11/18By UW Colleges

It’s Finals Week, which means it’s crunch time to study for your exams and finish up any other assignments. UW Colleges is here with a few tips to help you manage your stress. Follow these tips to overcome any finals stress, so you can...