May 2018

How to Narrow Down Your College Decision

5/23/18By UW Colleges

During your college search, you may feel a little frazzled. There are so many campuses out there that have different things to offer whether that be majors, transfer plans or student activities. Before your head starts to spin, follow...

Reasons to Earn a Degree Close to Home 

5/17/18By UW Colleges

When choosing a school, it’s important to think through your options. Where will you save the most money? Are you looking for a smaller campus environment? Going to a campus close to home has many benefits. Find out why earning a degree...

5 Ways to Beat Finals Stress

5/11/18By UW Colleges

It’s Finals Week, which means it’s crunch time to study for your exams and finish up any other assignments. UW Colleges is here with a few tips to help you manage your stress. Follow these tips to overcome any finals stress, so you can...

3 Big Reasons Start your College Journey with UW Colleges

5/4/18By UW Colleges

Learning what a campus has to offer plays a big role in your higher education decision. Read what students at the University of Wisconsin Colleges campuses have to say about attending a 2-year college. Their insight will give you a better...

UW Colleges Finals Playlist

5/4/18By UW Colleges

Finals season is here which means you’ve got some studying to do. What better way to get through study guides and flashcards than a playlist you can jam to? We’ve curated a list of songs to keep your spirits up and your mind in the study...

Apr 2018

Tips to Get That Summer Internship

4/26/18By UW Colleges

Summer is almost here which means it’s crunch time. Between final projects, studying for exams and applying to summer internships, the To-Do list grows longer. Don’t let the stress of checking things off your list get in the way of...

Student Story: Mitchell Banaszak

4/16/18By UW Colleges

Choosing a college can be a tough decision. Going on a tour, meeting with a recruiter or talking to a current student are great ways to find out if a campus is right for you. We talked to current student, Mitchell Banaszak, about his time...

Student Story: Amanda Isunza

4/3/18By UW Colleges

Starting college can be a tough transition. It can be especially difficult when you are raising a family of your own. Former student, Amanda Isunza, managed to juggle raising her son and working at a food factory while earning her...

Mar 2018

UW Colleges Summer Session Experiences

3/21/18By UW Colleges

Summer break is just around the corner and you're probably coming up with ways to make the most of it. The summer months are a great time to hit the lake, catch a baseball game or take a trip. If you're looking to have it all, to have some fun...

Student Story: Daniel Schindler

3/20/18By UW Colleges

Daniel at UW-Waukesha's SnoBowl.

Choosing a college is a tough decision. Taking a tour, meeting with a recruiter or talking to a current student are great ways to learn if a campus is right for you. We talked to current...