College 101: Preparing For Fall Semester

Make sure you're ready for the new term with these five tips
By UW Colleges

It may seem like summer just started, but fall semester is only weeks away! A new semester means new friends, interesting classes and getting one step closer to your degree

New and returning students alike should look ahead and make preparations for a successful semester. Check the following items off this list to ensure you're ready.

1. Finalize your enrollment

You can't expect to be successful in college if you're not sure what classes you're taking! Time is running out to enroll for fall. Once new students are accepted they can enroll at campus advising and registration sessions. Current students can enroll through PRISM.

Students and advisor sitting at table

2. Attend a new student orientation session

Each UW Colleges campus provides an orientation session for new students before the fall semester. This session is designed to help you be successful in the coming term. Get familiar with your campus, meet advisors and professors, learn about ways to get involved and more!

Students walking outdoors

3. Get all your class materials

It's hard to succeed in a new semester if you don't have all the tools. Make sure to stop by your campus bookstore for class resources or get your text books online (enter your school name on the landing page). Also look into getting any extra supplies, software or applications you might need for a specific class. 

Pile of notebooks

4. Plan how you'll get involved

There's evidence showing students who are involved on campus perform well in school. UW Colleges campuses provide plenty of ways for students to get involved in sports, student organizations or research opportunities. Make the most of your semester by getting involved and finding success in and out of the classroom.

Student organization fair

5. Set SMART goals

Setting goals is an important factor in having a successful semester. When you set your goals, follow the SMART formula: specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound. It's far easier to achieve your goals when you know what they are, so take some time to think of what you want to accomplish this semester!

Students listening in class

Starting a new semester can be exciting, nerve-wracking and everything in between. By following the tips on this list, you can calm some of those nerves and prepare yourself for a successful term. What are you waiting for?