College Resources Every Student Should Know And Use

Find success in college with the help of tutors, libraries and more
By UW Colleges

College is a whole new ballgame compared to high school. Chances are you've heard that quite a bit, but it bears repeating. Successful college students learn to step their game up and you can too. 

From advisors and tutors to library collections and faculty expertise, college campuses provide resources designed to help students succeed. Here are some you should know and take advantage of this semester.

1. Tutoring

Many colleges provide tutoring services to their students for free. If you're looking to succeed in school, get to know your campus' tutoring staff, and work with them before you start having problems. They can help explain difficult concepts, look over an assignment, help you set up a study plan and more!

Two students studying on computers

2. Writing Assistance

Essays and term papers are a part of college life. Luckily, many institutions provide writing assistance to students who want help with grammar, structure and other parts of their assignments. For example, UW Colleges provides a free Online Writing Lab where students can submit work and get feedback from tutors on how to improve their submission.

Two students writing in notebooks in class

3. Library Resources

Think libraries are just for books, or a quiet place to study? Think again! Your campus library has a variety of tools to help you succeed from archives and digital resources to staff who can assist you with research. Don't overlook your library when it comes to tools to help you succeed.

Student talking to librarian at a desk

4. Exceptional Faculty

Who better to help you succeed in a class than the professor doing the teaching? Asking questions in class and getting to know your professor can go a long way in finding success as a student. At UW Colleges campuses, faculty members spend the majority of their work time in the classroom. That means students get quality time to learn the material from their teachers. 

Professor helping student at the whiteboard

5. Study Groups

Always remember that whatever class you're in, you're never alone. Set up a group with your peers to review materials, work on projects and study for exams. Working with others can not only help you succeed in the classroom but help you form lasting connections outside of it as well. 

Study group with whiteboard in library

Successful students know how to make the most of their resources. Think about how you can use these and other resources and you'll be on your way to a great semester!