Five Ways To Get Involved On Campus

Explore student activities this semester and experience everything college has to offer
By UW Colleges

A new semester is right around the corner and college students everywhere are busy making plans on how to make the most of it. The coming term means getting one step closer to a degree, making new friends and experiencing everything college has to offer. 

Students looking for ways to make their time count should look into how they can get involved on their campus. Many campuses offer experiences like research opportunities, athletics, student government, clubs and more for students looking to dive in and experience college life. Here are a few ways you can get involved.

1. Student government: Make an impact on campus

Do you want to be a leader on campus? Do you want to plan events, gain valuable experience and make decisions that impact your school's future? Chances are, the student government wants you! Develop your leadership skills and make sure your voice is heard. Look into joining student government on your campus this semester!

Student in a group on laptop smiling

2. Athletics: Flex your competitive muscle on a campus team

Playing a sport in college can be a fulfilling and memorable experience for any student. Whether you were an athlete in high school who wants to keep competing, or you want to try something new, many campuses have intramural or intercollegiate teams that students can try out for. Use the start of the new semester as a chance to get in the game.

Student going for a layup in basketball

3. Student clubs: Pursue an interest and form lasting connections

College campuses have student organizations for nearly every interest. You'll just have to decide what to choose among the clubs focused on creative writing, business, engineering, chess, sci-fi and more. The best part is if you don't see a club that matches your interest you can start your own! 

Students and professors playing a board game at a table

4. Research: Work with faculty to make new discoveries

One of the best parts of college is challenging yourself academically and learning new things. Many campuses give students an opportunity to conduct research while working with a faculty advisor. This is a great way to bolster your academic experience, and many students have an opportunity to present their findings to the wider community. A new semester is a great time to think about getting started on a new project.

Professor and student working in a science lab

5. Student jobs: Gain valuable experience while paying for school

College is a big investment, so it can be good to think ahead on how you want to pay for school. A job on campus can be perfect for students who want to earn money to put toward their loans and want to gain experience they'll use in their future careers. Many campuses have student job listings on their website, and a new semester is a great opportunity to see what's out there.

Student buying a soda at the lunch counter

A new semester is a time to start fresh and look at new ways to get involved. Make the most of your college experience by diving into one of these activities!