Frequently Asked Questions From Adult Students

Get answers to common questions from our adult students
By UW Colleges

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Choosing to attend college can bring up a lot of questions for any student. Luckily our Solution Center staff has answers for the most common questions from new students. Adult students (22+) usually have all these questions and more, depending on their situation.

We've compiled some questions and answers for adult students looking to attend UW Colleges, whether it's your first time attending college, you're going back to finish your degree or you're are active duty or a veteran. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from adult students at UW Colleges.

An adult student at UW Colleges is a lot of things, but the most basic quality is being at least 22-years-old. Many of our adult students are also financially independent, employed full-time, have one or more dependents and are active duty or veterans of the military.

A number of our local UW Colleges campuses offer some classes at night. Check out the course schedules to find options at a campus near you. Adult students are also welcome to learn about opportunities at UW Colleges Online, which provides hundreds of courses in a variety of subjects entirely online as well as hybrid courses completed online with in-class labs.

All students apply online through the University of Wisconsin System portal. As an adult student, you'll need to include high school transcripts, a copy of your HSED/GED scores if applicable and any official college transcripts. You do not need to send ACT scores. Learn more about applying by checking out our application checklist.

After you apply, you'll be prompted to set up an email account with UW Colleges. Regularly check your email for information about your application status, enrolling in classes and making tuition payments.


PRISM is a software application where students sign up for classes, make tuition payments and handle other tasks. When you apply to UW Colleges, you'll be asked to set up a PRISM account and you can find more information on the PRISM help page.


The UW Colleges website has a wealth of valuable information on paying for school. You can learn the dates by which you need to make payments, calculate the total cost of college and learn about your financial aid options.

Returning to school as an adult can seem intimidating, but you're not alone! More than 21 percent of our student body is made up of adult students. Our local campuses feature small class sizes, engaging faculty and a variety of student organizations where you can get invovled on your campus.

If you're trying to figure out your next step, UW Colleges is here to help. Check out our information for veterans and get in touch with one of our veteran advisors today.


Choosing a school is a big decision for any adult learner. If you have further questions about any of our UW Colleges campuses we encourage you to email our Solution Center or call 888-INFO-UWC (463-6892).