How We Make College Accessible

UW Colleges' low tuition, local campuses provide degree opportunities
By UW Colleges

If you’re in college or plan on attending in the future, you’ve likely heard the stories about rising student debt. In 2015, the average Wisconsin graduate held more than $29,000 in student loan debt. That number can make college seem out of reach, but thousands of students have found a solution.

UW Colleges campuses offer the lowest tuition in the UW System. Our affordability, matched with local campuses, means more than 60 percent of our students don’t even take out loans. Whatever your concern about going to school, here are a few ways UW Colleges makes it possible for all kinds of students to earn a degree.

1. Affordable tuition

Students at UW Colleges pay the lowest tuition out of all the schools in the UW System. That means over the course of two years you can save thousands compared to students at UW-Oshkosh, UW-Milwaukee or any other UW four-year school. Who wouldn’t want the same education at a fraction of the cost?

Advisor and student looking at financial aid booklet

2. Local community campuses

UW Colleges campuses are the UW schools in your community. Our convenient locations make it easy to live at home and save thousands you might have had to spend on room and board. Saving on tuition and living expenses through UW Colleges can make pursuing your dream degree a reality.

Group of students hangs out outside on benches talking

3. Scholarships for any type of student

Scholarships are available at every UW Colleges campus to aid students in their journeys. Whether you’re interested in writing, teaching or pursuing a STEM degree each campus foundation contributes tens-of-thousands of dollars to student scholarships every year.

Female student handing a piece of paper over a desk

4. High graduation rates, successful students

Investing in your college education is an easier choice when you can be confident you’ll graduate with a degree. Our students have some of the best degree achievement rates of all students in the system, so if you do take out loans you’ll have a UW degree and better job prospects to show for it.

Back of student wearing a cap and gown and tassle

5. A campus community invested in you

Worried about getting lost in 300-person lectures, or not being able to get face time with your professor or advisor? Our small campuses mean you get a private school experience at a public school price. Exceptional faculty and staff work with you every step of the way on your journey to your degree.

Professor and two female students working on math on a whiteboard

A college degree is never out of reach with UW Colleges. Join thousands of other students who take advantage of affordable tuition and local campuses to follow their dreams. Apply today!