New Year’s Resolution: Take a Winterim Course

By UW Colleges

The New Year is around the corner and that means it’s time to make some resolutions! What about a goal that you could complete before the year has barely started? We are talking about taking a Winterim course this winter break. This goal has many benefits that will have you starting off the year strong. Learn why taking a Winterim course could be your most successful New Year’s resolution yet. 

Have a productive break 

Man reading book

Having time to relax is a wonderful thing, but sometimes having too much free time can make you feel restless. Once the holidays are over, you may be thinking “now what?” Consider filling some of your time with a Winterim course. When spring semester begins, you will be happy you didn’t spend your entire break sitting around.  

Get ahead on your courses 

Women reading a textbook

Use winter break as a time to get ahead on your courses. This way you will have more wiggle room in semesters to come. You will be happy when you are not piling on courses in order to graduate on time. By working hard now, you will reduce your stress later. 

Earn credits fast 

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Are you looking for a way to earn credits fast? In just three weeks, you could earn around three credits depending on the course. Instead of taking an entire semester to get these credits, take advantage of our accelerated options. Now is the time.  

Make spring semester easier 

Two students working on homework

We know taking a full course load can be a bit stressful and time-consuming. Why not break it up by taking a course early January? You can lighten your load and have more time spring semester. Resolutions are meant to better your life, and having a lighter schedule will definitely make you happier.  

Channel your focus 

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Juggling your attention between 4 or 5 classes can be quite the challenge. By taking one course over break, you can fully devote your attention to learning course material. This is a great time to take a course on a topic you are interested in. With more time, attention and interest, you are likely to do well. 

Check out our Winterim classes and get ahead!