Tips For Managing A Busy Schedule

Resources key as students balance work, school, life
By UW Colleges

College students are busy. As if work, staying healthy, family responsibilities and other obligations weren’t enough, now you’re going to pile on assignments, readings, essays and more each week? Not to mention having to be disciplined and study for finals

A new semester at UW Colleges is right around the corner, which means you get to start fresh. It also means your life is also going to get a whole lot busier. We want you to be successful, so here are a few tips for managing a busy schedule as a student.

1. Get organized

Juggling a lot of responsibilities is tough, but not having a way to keep track of them makes it nearly impossible. Use a planner, keep a calendar up to date or download an organizational app on your phone. Whatever you do, make sure you’re able to track your daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

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2. Set your priorities

As a student with a busy schedule, you’ll need to figure out which responsibilities matter most. How will you spend your time between classes and a shift at work? How much time will you need to study for finals? When can you find time for a break? Prioritizing your most important tasks will help you stay on top of a busy schedule.

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3. Leave room for flexibility

The more obligations you’re juggling; the more things can change unexpectedly. Luckily, with your organization and priorities set, you can adjust to changes at work, at school or at home. Whether it’s a longer shift than expected, or a test date gets changed, make sure you’re able to adapt to changes in your schedule.

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4. Work with your professors

Don’t forget your professors are there to help you succeed. Our exceptional faculty work with students in the classroom every day, and they know what busy lives you lead. If something comes up, you need more time or you just aren’t understanding a concept, tell your professor. Our number one priority is student success, so we’re here for you.

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5. Use your resources

Need help with essays? The Online Writing Lab has you covered. Need extra help on exam practice questions? Campus tutors are available on all sorts of subjects. Need someone to talk to about how you’re feeling with such a busy schedule? Campus counselors are available for whatever you need. We have resources to help you succeed no matter what your schedule looks like.

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6. Take a deep breath

There’s no way around it; a busy schedule can be stressful. Just remember you have the support of your professors and peers on campus. Following these tips can help, and all the hard work will be worth it when you receive your degree.

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