Top 5 Winterim Experiences

By UW Colleges

Winter break is the perfect time to squeeze in a class before spring semester starts. Maybe you’re looking to catch up on credits or just want to make your semesters lighter. Whatever the reason, UW Colleges has a variety of Winterim courses for you. Make the most of winter break with one of these interesting Winterim courses! 

1. Leadership in Adventure Education & Outdoor Pursuits 

downhill skier

Looking for some outdoor winter fun while earning college credits? Enroll in HES 226: Leadership in Adventure Education & Outdoor Pursuits at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County. This five-day field course is geared towards students interested in health, physical education, wellness and recreation. Outdoor activities may consist of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. This course that will teach you skills to last a lifetime. View all UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Winterim courses

2. Film Studies: The Star Wars Universe 

people watching a movie

Are you a film buff who also happens to have a love for Star Wars? ENG 277: Film Studies: The Star Wars Universe may be the perfect Winterim course for you. This UW-Fox Valley Winterim course is centered on learning scholarly perspectives of this popular movie franchise. Topics will include psychology, history, mythology and ethics. Enjoy this class you will!  

3. Popular Culture in the Media 

student smiling in class

Pop culture is all around us and influences a lot of the media we consume. Learn to analyze and interpret pop culture in an academic sense in CTA 218: Popular Culture in the Media. In this course, you will examine and discuss various forms of advertisements, television, music and music videos. A perfect way to learn about entertainment in your everyday life. UW-Rock County is offering this Winterim course.  

4. Career & Life Planning 

Career woman

Looking to learn some applicable skills this winter break? Consider taking BUS 194: Career & Life Planning at UW-Washington County.  In this course, you will develop career goals and ways to achieve them. You will learn more about yourself by examining your personal interests, academic and career goals and decision-making skills. This course will help you figure out your next step in life and help you get there.  

5. Worlds of Art – Images/Objects/Ideas 

two women looking at art

Are you a non-art major who still has an interest in art? Art 175: Worlds of Art-Images/Objects/Ideas is the perfect way to learn about art-related concepts. In this course, you will learn about visual arts through a cross-cultural perspective. By examining how race and ethnicity impact art production, aesthetics and art criticism, you will see art through a new lens. UW-Waukesha offers this enlightening class this winter.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? View all UW Colleges and UW Colleges Online Winterim courses. 


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