Why Future Students Attend Preview Days

UW Colleges Preview Day is the first step toward achieving college dreams
By UW Colleges

UW Colleges locations across the state are hosting their campus preview events in the coming weeks. These sessions give visitors a peek into life on campus as a UW Colleges student.

Potential students, parents, friends and family are all welcome at campus preview days. Whether you're set on attending college in the fall, exploring a number of options or completely unsure of your future educational goals, a campus preview event can make a world of difference in your decision.

1. Take the very first step in your college journey

College might officially start on the first day of classes, but there's plenty to do and learn beforehand. Attending a campus preview event will start you off on the right foot by sharing valuable information about choosing your classes, applying for financial aid and getting involved in all sorts of activities.

Students walking down the hall

2. Meet your professors before classes even begin

Each campus has exceptional faculty that work with students in the classroom every day. At preview events, you'll have a chance to meet these professors and hear about their courses firsthand. Getting to know your teachers early is just one way preview events can make an impact on your journey.

Students and professor at microscope

3. Hear current students' experiences

Preview events give you a chance to hear about campus life from current UW Colleges students. Whether they transferred from a larger school,  attend college as an adult or they're a student fresh out of high school, each has a unique story to share. 

Students talking in the hallway

4. Learn about how much you'll save

College is a big investment, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank. UW Colleges is affordable and offers the lowest tuition in the entire UW system. When you attend a campus preview you'll learn all about the money you can save by choosing UW Colleges.

Student and advisor talking at laptop

5. Discover opportunities to get involved

Students who attend UW Colleges have many opportunities to participate in student organizations, sports, student government, research projects and more. At a campus preview event, you'll learn about all the opportunities available to gain valuable experience and grow as a person. How will you make the most out of your time at UW Colleges? 

Students getting ready to play football

6. Embrace the UW campus community

UW Colleges campuses are small, which means you get a private-school feel at a public school price. Faculty, staff and other students know your name and they're all rooting for you. At campus preview events, you'll get a taste of a community spirit you can't find anywhere else.

Students shaking hands in the hallway

7. Tour your future school

A highlight of every preview day is the campus tour. Led by advisors and current students, visitors get a chance to see everything campus has to offer. From state-of-the-art lab classrooms, fitness facilities, common areas and more, you'll get your first chance to walk through the halls of your future school.

Photo of the UW-Waukesha commons area

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Campus Preview events are coming up, and there's still time to register. Attend an event and find out why a UW Colleges campus is the U for You.