Why UW Colleges Professors Stand Out

Quality time and investment in student success make the difference
By UW Colleges

When you choose a college you want to make sure it's the right one for you. A good location, affordable tuition and quality academic programs are all important factors in your choice. One more major thing to think about: the quality of a school's professors.

Professors are an integral part of any college experience. UW Colleges campuses are home to exceptional faculty dedicated to student success. Here are just a few ways our faculty members stand out.

1. They're experts in their fields

Over 90 percent of our professors hold doctorates or the highest degree in their discipline. That means our students get quality time with experts in 20 departments, from art and philosophy to chemistry and economics. Our exceptional faculty help students earn a UW education at an affordable price

Professor lecturing to class with model

2. They're focused on student success

On average, our professors spend more than 28 of their working hours in the classroom with students, the highest amount of any of the schools in the entire UW System. That means you won't struggle to find an opportunity to meet with your professor. They'll be with you every step of the way.

Professor helping student at whiteboard

3. They do more than teach

Our exceptional faculty don't just teach and hold office hours. Many are involved with on-campus athletics and leading student organizations in order to provide a fuller college experience for students. Our faculty also partner with students working on research projects, providing guidance and support for a real-world learning experience.

Professor and students in science lab

4. They inspire students

As a student, college is about pursuing your interests and finding a path to a better life. Countless former students credit our professors with helping their pursue their dreams. That support, encouragement and personal attention to inspire students is just one of the things that set our faculty apart.

Professor lecturing

Students at UW Colleges campuses have a lot to be excited about, from the Guaranteed Transfer Program to affordable tuition. However, the quality time they receive with committed faculty is what makes their time here memorable. Get in touch and experience UW Colleges for yourself.