Sep 2017

UW Colleges Online: Higher Ed Success Story

9/27/17By Marshfield News Herald
Keith Montgomery, UW Colleges North Regional Executive Officer and Dean, shares his thoughts on the value of UW Colleges Online.

Fast Facts About Our Professors

9/21/17By UW Colleges

A number of factors make a college the right fit for any student. Programs offered, cost of tuition and student life are all major considerations you should take when...

Parents: Importance of College Visit

9/13/17By UW Colleges

Thinking of taking your son or daughter on campus visits? It’s better to do so sooner rather than later. You and your child will both benefit from a visit together and it will help you stay better connected to your child’s higher...

UW Colleges Recognizes National Constitution Day

9/7/17By UW Colleges

September 17th is designated as Constitution Day (observed on September 18th this year with the 17th falling on a Sunday) to celebrate the signing of the U.S. Constitution by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787.  ...

Convocation Kicks Off Another School Year

9/7/17By UW Colleges/UW-Extension
UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen kicked off the start of the 2017 school year with convocation held at UW-Fox Valley.

College Resources Every Student Should Know And Use

9/1/17By UW Colleges

College is a whole new ballgame compared to high school. Chances are you've heard that quite a bit, but it bears repeating. Successful college students learn to step their...

Aug 2017

Back to School Playlist

8/31/17By UW Colleges

It’s time to start Fall Semester, and what better way than with a back to school playlist? These songs were compiled to get you in the study mode, pumped up for the weekend and for upbeat walks to class. Summer may be over but these tracks are...

UW-Marathon County helps fill healthcare shortages in North Central Wisconsin

8/30/17By WSAW
Wausau TV news station WSAW reports on a partnership between UW-Marathon County and UW-Madison aimed at training and keeping healthcare professionals in North Central Wisconsin

Five Ways To Get Involved On Campus

8/25/17By UW Colleges

A new semester is right around the corner and college students everywhere are busy making plans on how to make the most of it. The coming term means getting one step closer to a degree, making new friends and experiencing everything college has...

7 Ways Students Get Their Best Start On A Degree

8/21/17By UW Colleges

A college degree can open up a world of new opportunities for any student. Better pay, lower unemployment and greater career choices all make pursuing a degree a worthwhile investment.  

For new students looking to go to college, a strong...