UW Colleges At-A-Glance

Most Affordable UW Education

  • $4,750 annual tuition for UW Colleges 2014-15; $5,323 average annual tuition + fees
  • Compare with $10,410 annual tuition + fees at UW-Madison; $9,391 at UW-Milwaukee
  • The average annual tuition + fees among UW 4-year universities is $8,197

Access for All

  • 3,776 new freshmen in Fall 2015, more than any campus except UW Madison
  • Opportunity for success provided to 552 new freshmen in fall 2015 who graduated in the lowest 1/4 of their high school classes, more than all other UW System campuses combined
  • 34.3% of students come from the poorest 40% of households; UW System average is 29.3%
  • 57.5% of new freshmen are first-generation college students
  • 17.4% of new freshmen are underrepresented minorities
  • Roughly 30% of UW Colleges students would not be expected to succeed in college because they would most likely not be admissible except through exception.

Serving Adult Students

  • 19.5% of UW Colleges students are 24 or older
  • 51% are part-time students
  • Courses are delivered via Internet to multiple campuses to expand access for all students statewide
  • 2,290 enrolled in UW Colleges Online in fall 2014

The Leader in Transfer Student Success

UW Colleges students who transfer within the UW System stay in school and graduate at higher rates than students who transfer from technical schools or private colleges

Students transferring to a UW campus from: UW Colleges UW System WTCS In-state private Out of State
Retention* 80% 75% 70% 70% 72%
Graduation** 72% 69% 52% 53% 60%

*Second year retention rates for baccalaureate students entering in fall 2013 who returned in fall 2014
**Earned a baccalaureate within six years of fall 2008 entry or transfer

A Model of Administrative Efficiency

  • A unified 13-campus institution run by a single administration helps to keep costs down
  • $7,073  operating cost per student (full time equivalent) 2011-12
  • $9,262 UW System undergraduate average
  • $9,568 2010-11 Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) average for liberal arts & sciences