Top 10 Reasons To Attend UW Colleges

Students working in groups in the library

UW Colleges offers 14 two-year universities throughout the state of Wisconsin focused on education for freshmen and sophomores. There's a lot to love about the system, but here are the top reasons students choose to attend UW Colleges.

1) A University of Wisconsin education close to home

The UW Colleges two-year campuses are part of the world-renowned University of Wisconsin System. That means students get all the benefits of a UW education while retaining the comfort and support of a small community.

2) Save thousands on tuition

UW Colleges offers the lowest tuition in the UW System, which means students can save thousands of dollars on college costs every year. At a time when Wisconsin students graduate with an average of $29,000 in student loan debt, UW Colleges makes higher education affordable.

3) Guaranteed transfer to a four-year school in the UW System

Students can benefit from UW Colleges' Guaranteed Transfer Program. This process ensures every credit they earn will transfer to a four-year school in the UW System. Plenty of students get their start at a UW Colleges campus before finding success at a four-year school like UW-Oshkosh, UW-Milwaukee or UW-Madison.

4) Small campuses, big community spirit

Every university loves to brag about providing personalized attention in class and creating a sense of community on campus. Students on UW Colleges see those qualities in action every day. Class sizes average about 20 students per professor, which means students get quality time with faculty in and out of the classroom. At UW Colleges, faculty, staff and the student body work together every step of the way.

5) Get a start on one of hundreds of majors

What do degrees in nursing, art, engineering, English, mathematics and sociology have in common? They all require a certain amount of general education credits for completion. UW Colleges offers students the opportunity to complete general credits at a low cost, while also exploring hundreds of majorsthat interest them.

6) Flexible, convenient academics

Today's college students are busy with jobs, family obligations and many other outside activities. Some are going to school for the first time, others are giving it another shot. UW Colleges makes it possible for students to follow their dream in a flexible way. Online classes, partnerships with four-year universities and local community campuses make it easier than ever to get a college education.

7) Exceptional faculty

Professors on UW Colleges campuses are experts in their fields, with the vast majority holding Ph.D.'s or other high-level degrees. These professors are in the classroom every day making sure students are getting the lessons, attention and guidance they deserve. UW Colleges professors are a major reason why students are so successful after they transfer or graduate.

8) Plenty of ways to get involved

Athletics programs, student government, campus newspapers and student organizations can be found on every UW Colleges campus. That means students have a wide variety to choose from when they want to get involved. The college experience is more than just going to class, and students at UW Colleges have every opportunity to dive in.

9) Collaborative degree programs with four-year universities

UW Colleges works with a number of other universities in Wisconsin to provide flexible degree options for students. UW-Platteville works with UW Colleges to offer a collaborative electrical or mechanical engineering degree program. UW-Stout has a program that allows UW Colleges students to earn a Bachelor's degree in management. These collaborative partnership aren't found anywhere else in Wisconsin, and they give students one more option to achieve their dreams.

10) The value of an Associate's Degree

Some students attend UW Colleges in order to earn their Associate's Degree. This can be a smart decision, as someone with an Associate's degree earns around $400,000 more over their lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma. An Associate's degree from UW Colleges helps students reach the next level of their professional careers through higher earnings and higher career mobility.

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