1. The applicant completes and submits the Transcript Review Application Form along with the required $100 fee to Dr. Michael Beeth at UW-Oshkosh. This begins the process of reviewing the applicant’s undergraduate coursework to determine what he/she needs to take (both content coursework and education coursework) to complete the act! program.
  2. Upon completion of the transcript review, the Program Coordinator or designate will send a letter outlining the requirements (content and education coursework) necessary to obtain the Broadfield science or mathematics license.
  3. The applicant submits a current resume and an applicant statement. Directions for completing the applicant statement can be found on the act! Program Application.  At this time, the applicant submits the completed application and an interview is scheduled with one of the Program Directors.
  4. An initial background check is done before acceptance into the act! program. This is authorized by the candidate and administered by Dr. Beeth at UW-Oshkosh.
  5. After the interview, the applicant receives a letter of acceptance.