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We know you juggle multiple life and work responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to advance your education. You simply have to have a plan that works with your life, not against it.  You and your advisor will work one-on-one to build a customized degree plan suited to your career interests. Internships, service learning and the capstone project are perfect ways to get experience in a career field or company that interests you and start networking in your community.


The internship seminar course is an educational experience where you apply disciplinary learning and expand professional skills with first-hand experience in a particular field of interest. You will earn 1-credit for the internship seminar and 2-credits for the 60 hours of internship service. 

Service Learning

You will complete at least one service learning course. Projects are specific to the type of course you take, and a 30-hour service project is required in addition to the class time.

Senior Capstone

The senior capstone course is designed to offer a culminating learning experience nearing the completion of the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. Your capstone project will include project management activities, ask you to reflect on your strengths and how to apply these strengths to enhance employment opportunities, teamwork skills, and leadership skills. 

Prior Learning Credits

Earn college credit for what you already know by completing a portfolio that documents your prior experiential learning. You can earn up to 6 credits; that’s two classes worth of credit.

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