Concurrent Registration

You may enroll in courses at more than one University of Wisconsin System campus. However, in order to do so, you must obtain written permission from your University of Wisconsin Colleges campus Student Affairs Director.

If you enroll at more than one University of Wisconsin campus, the number of credits you take is combined to determine your status, either full or part time, and your fees and tuition assessed. You must present proof of fees paid and courses and credits being taken.

If you are enrolled full time in one institution, no additional fees will be assessed by a second campus.

If you are not enrolled full time at the first campus, the second campus will charge a per-credit rate until the full-time credit plateau is reached. The full-time rate will not be less than the lowest, nor more than the highest, full-time rate of the campuses involved.

You should consult with University of Wisconsin Colleges campus Student Affairs Office and Business Office for information about concurrent registration.