Application Process

Your Study Abroad Journey Begins Here!

Most University of Wisconsin System Institutions' study abroad opportunities are open to the University of Wisconsin Colleges students, students of other colleges and universities and community members interested in an international learning experience.

You should apply to a specific program as soon as you have determined that the program will meet your personal and academic goals. Usually qualified candidates are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Notification of acceptance will be automatically sent to you via email after all application materials and financial matters have been completed and received.

How to Apply

1. Research program opportunities.

Search programs from various UW System institutions to learn more about them. Consider the following questions as you research programs:

  • When do I want to study abroad?
  • How long do I want to be abroad?
  • Do I want courses in English or another language?
  • Do I need specific classes for my graduation requirement?

2. Contact the Study Abroad Office of the UW System Institution You Plan to Travel With.

Email or call the Study Abroad Office in the UW System institution that offers the program you are interested in. Ask questions and discuss your options in greater detail.

3. Apply

Once you have selected a program, fill out their application materials. Most of the application materials will be online, but be prepared to print them out if needed. Follow the instructions and complete all the steps as outlined. You might be asked to include a deposit with the application package.

4. Check your email regularly. 

After you have completed the application, check your UW Colleges email regularly. Usually, acceptance notifications are sent via email. Reminder notices will also be emailed to you.

5. Complete acceptance materials and course approvals.

Once you are accepted/confirmed, you must confirm your participation and submit all post-acceptance materials within the specified time frame. These materials may include course approval forms (for affiliate programs), liability forms, health forms, etc. Required post-acceptance materials will be listed on the program homepage. Study abroad participation may be contingent upon submission of these materials.

6. Engage in and enjoy your global learning experience!