Affiliate Programs

The University of Wisconsin Colleges has approved affiliate programs in which students may participate. Affiliate programs allow students to study at sites that may not be available through UW Colleges-sponsored programs. Some also offer unique programs that are tailored to particular academic or career interests. 

If UW Colleges students who study abroad through affiliate programs would like to remain enrolled as UW Colleges students while abroad they need to sign up for UW Colleges courses. The students are billed through their UW Colleges campus Bursar accounts, though the program price is not set at the cost of UW Colleges tuition. The cost of an affiliate program usually runs between $11,000 and $19,000 per semester. Federal and state aid may help defray the cost if you continue being enrolled on your home campus.

Affiliates are selected because they fit the academic requirements of UW Colleges students. Because of our close relationship with the staff of these organizations, we prefer their programs in particular locations or for particular majors to ensure that our students get the highest quality experience abroad. Program coordinators are on site to help students get accustomed to their new environment most programs are all-inclusive, meaning they provide food and housing, excursions, and activities in addition to the academic requirements.

UW-River Falls Wisconsin in Scotland and Germany - Hessen Exchange are some of the affiliate programs. Learn more about these exciting programs and how to participate by visiting programs webpages:

Application Process

IMPORTANT: Affiliate program institutions bill separately for tuition and other related charges. Students are responsible for ensuring that payment is made to that institution.

Financial Aid Information

Any Financial Aid you receive currently may be applied directly to the cost of your tuition while abroad.  However, it is your responsibility to make all arrangements for this.  Complete all necessary financial aid paperwork before your departure.  Only students who are full-time students at UW Colleges can receive financial aid from their campus. 

Required Health Insurance

Even if your program includes overseas insurance, UW-System has mandated the purchase of a state-approved health insurance plan for all UW System students abroad. The policy is through CISI, Cultural Insurance Services International. The cost is approximately $35.00 per month currently and will need to be paid at the UW Colleges Study Abroad office prior to your departure. You will be issued an insurance card upon receipt of payment. 

*If your study abroad program is sponsored by a UW System institution that already provides CISI insurance, please bring in verification so you can be waived from this requirement.