For Students with Disabilities

Travel is always a challenge to a person's problem-solving abilities; this is no different for a person with a disability. While overseas, people with disabilities will likely find some things inaccessible, but preparation and persistence can help.

We are committed to helping any student find a program that suits his/her needs and provides a positive experience abroad. We will also work with students and the Office for Disability Services to determine if their needs can be accommodated.

Mobility International USA (phone/TTY: 541-343-1284; is an excellent resource on travel for people with physical disabilities.

The University of California’s website contains useful information and a list of questions for students with disabilities to consider before traveling abroad.

Other Quick Tips for Students with Disabilities Going Abroad

  • Disclose your disability needs to program staff early, so appropriate arrangements can be made in advance.
  • Remember that other cultures may provide disability access in a different way—learn about what types of accommodation are typically provided in your host country, and be flexible and open to different ways of accommodating your disability.
  • Before you go, find out as much as you can about your host culture and how they view disability by reading, talking to other students, and attending pre-departure orientation sessions. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for the interaction between your disability and the new environment.
  • Think about how you will answer questions about your disability in the language of your host country—look up key vocabulary words ahead of time.

From: University of Minnesota’s Learning Abroad Center

Please contact the Continuing Education Director for a particular study abroad program to discuss your individual needs.