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The University of Wisconsin Colleges recruiters are known as College Resource Counselors (CRCs). In order to help high school students and their families make informed college and career decisions, the CRCs offer the following free college planning presentations and workshops.  Contact your College Resource Counselor today to schedule your visit or presentation!

College Planning Presentations & Workshops

Finding the University for You

This workshop provides an overview of UW Colleges, the 14 freshman/sophomore transfer campuses of the University of Wisconsin System. Students will learn about the Guaranteed Transfer Program, the advantages of attending a UW Colleges campus, financial considerations, and how to apply. We’ll also discuss other college options in Wisconsin.


You’ve Got Options

During this presentation, we will discuss various post-secondary educational options in Wisconsin: the UW Colleges two-year campuses, the four-year campuses of the UW System, and the Wisconsin Technical College System. Specifically, we’ll explore what each institution has to offer, and what factors students should consider when deciding where to attend.

Your Future Depends on It

This presentation will discuss the importance of rigorous academics in high school and the impact that class choice has on college and career success. The ideal time of year for this presentation would be before students choose courses for the following year.

Building Your Online Brand

Social media is everywhere. In this workshop, students will learn how to use their social media profiles for the better, while avoiding potential pitfalls. By thinking of their online identity as part of their brand, students will learn how to influence the decisions of college admissions personnel and future employers.

Behind the Scenes of the College Admissions Process

This presentation is packed full of valuable insights on the dos and don’ts of the college application process. Student participants will learn what college admission teams look for in student applications through hands-on activities and group discussions.

ACT 1-2-3

This presentation includes an overview of each section of the ACT exam, what to bring on test day, and explores how the ACT can be a valuable tool for students’ futures.

A Guide for Juniors

Junior year is an important planning time for college. During this session, we’ll cover the college timeline for high school juniors, examine what it takes to be a competitive college applicant, and how to prepare for campus tours. We’ll also go over questions every student should be asking of their prospective college and explore what happens after they’ve been accepted.

Write Your Way into College

Let’s face it, for many of us, writing the college admission essay can be intimidating. In this workshop, we’ll share strategies for elevating your application package by telling a compelling story in your essay. We’ll get down to basics, starting with how to begin crafting your essay, dos and don’ts, tips for reducing writing anxiety and how to develop the narrative behind your application and transcripts.


Find Your College Resource Counselor

UW Colleges Resource Counselor Territories Map


Jordan Appicelli

College Resource Counselor - Territory 1
Call/Text: 715-816-0762
Email: jordan.appicelli@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Jordan

Recruiter Jordan Appicelli

Kara Koerner

College Resource Counselor - Territory 2
Call/Text: 920-366-8690
Email: kara.koerner@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Kara

Recruiter Kara Koerner

Jessica Zarnke

College Resource Counselor - Territory 3
Call/Text: 715-409-1906
Email: jessica.zarnke@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Jessica

Recruiter Jessica Zarnke

Emily Herzog

College Resource Counselor - Territory 4
Call/Text: 920-299-2490
Email: emily.herzog@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Emily

Recruiter Emily Herzog

Jennifer Strohm

College Resource Counselor - Territory 5
Call/Text: 920-376-2679
Email: jennifer.strohm@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Jennie

Recruiter Jennifer Strohm

Kaitlin Koehler

College Resource Counselor - Territory 6
Call/Text: 608-518-0333
Email: kaitlin.koehler@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Kaitlin

Recruiter Kaitlin Koehler

Rachel Stern

College Resource Counselor - Territory 7
Call/Text: 262-808-6193
Email: rachel.stern@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Rachel

Recruiter Rachel Stern

Aubrey Schramm

Statewide Program Manager
Call/Text: 920-366-4780
Email: aubrey.schramm@uwc.edu
Facebook: UW Colleges Aubrey

Recruiter Aubrey Schramm