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Mark Fuller

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Where there are problems, there is life. A.A. Zinoviev

In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them. J. von Neumann

Lots of people think knowledge is what we want, and I don't believe that, because knowledge is astonishingly transitory. We don't employ people as knowledge bases, we employ people to actually do things or solve things... Knowledge bases come out of books. So I want flexibility and continuous learning... and I need team working. And part of team working is communications... When you are out doing any job, in any business... the tasks are not 45 minutes max, they're usually 3 week dollops or one day dollops, or something, and the guy who gives up, oh sod it, you don't want him. So the things therefore are the flexibility, the team working, communications and the sheer persistence. Ray Peacock, previous research director of Phillips Laboratories in the UK