Associate Degree with Sociology Emphasis

9 credits

Offered at: UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, UW-Barron County, UW-Fond du Lac, UW-Fox Valley, UW-Manitowoc, UW-Marinette, UW-Marshfield/Wood County, UW-Marathon County, UW-Richland, UW-Rock County, UW-Sheboygan, UW-Washington County, UW-Waukesha, and UW Colleges Online.

Students seeking an Associate of Arts and Science Degree (AAS) with an emphasis must successfully complete the AAS requirements and the specific emphasis requirements.

Course# Course Credits
Required Courses - 6 credits
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 234 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 3
Elective Courses - Student/Advisor choice, total of 3 credits
SOC 125 American Society in the Contemporary World 3
SOC 130 Contemporary Social Problems 3
SOC 160 Sociology of Human Sexuality 3
SOC 205 Global Social Problems 3
SOC 210 Sociology of Sport 3
SOC 220 Sociology of Marriage and the Family 3
SOC 231 Crime and Criminal Justice 3
SOC 238 Sociological Perspectives on Gender 3
SOC 246 Juvenile Delinquency 3
SOC 250 People, Organizations and Society 3
SOC 270 Introduction to World Population 3
SOC 275 Sociology of Religion 3
SOC 285 Sociology of Health and Illness 3
SOC 291 Selected Topics in Sociology 1-3
SOC 299 Independent Reading in Sociology 1-3
SOC 335 Introductory Social Psychology 3
SOC 355 Sociology of the Environment 3
SOC 357 Social Research Methods 3

For complete campus details on an Associate Degree with Emphasis contact your Student Affairs offices.