This section presents a representative sample of scholarly activities by members of our department. Scholars are listed by their last names in alphabetical order. Please feel free to contact the authors via email.

Anand, Jayant

Raccanello, K., Anand, J., and Vieyra Santos, A. (2011). Collateral Ownership and Women’s Participation in Informal Finance Schemes. International Journal of Micro Finance, 1(1), 14-24.

Raccanello, K., Reig, E., Anand, J., and Matilla Anota, A. (2011). Rational vs. heuristic motives: What matters when redeeming the pledge?. Advances in Behavioral Finance and Economics: The Journal of the Academy of Behavioral Finance, 1(2), 17-43.

Anand, J., Ortega, G., Raccanello, K., and Vega, P. (2010). ROSCAs as a health prevention financing mechanism. Perspectivas. Revista de Analisis de Economia, Comericio y Negocios Internacionales, 4(2), 113-139.

Anand, J. (2009). Supermarketization, Consumer Choices, and the Changing Food Retail Market Structure: The Case of Citlalicalli, Mexico. In D. C. Wood (Ed.), Economic Development, Integration, and Morality in Asia and the Americas (Research in Economic Anthropology, Volume 29) (pp. 63–88). Bingley: Emerald.

Anand, J. (2008). Changing Structure of Food retailing in Mexico: An Anthropological Study of the Causes and Effects of Trade-Concentration in the Medium Sized City of Citlalicalli. Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.

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Bubinas, Kathleen

N.d. Shopping on Main Street: A model of a community-based food economy in Sustainability as Myth and Practice in the City. M. Checker, C. Isenhour, and G. McDonough, (eds.). New Directions ins Sustainability. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)

2011 Farmers Markets in the Post-Industrial City. City and Society 23(2): 154-172.

2005 Gandhi Marg: The Social Construction and Production of an Ethnic Economy in Chicago. City and Society XVII(2):161-179.

2005 Introduction to theme issue, “Revisiting ‘The City’: The Social Production of Urban Space in Chicago.” City and Society XVII(2): 157-160.

2005 Guest Editor of theme issue, “Revisiting ‘The City’: The Social Production of Urban Space in Chicago.” City and Society XVII(2).

2005 Review of Newcomers to Old Towns: Suburbanization of the Heartland. Sonya Salamon. Sociological Imagination 41(1): 71-74.

2003 The Commodification of Ethnicity in an Asian Indian Economy in Chicago. City and Society XV(2):195-223.

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Bush, Caleb

Bush, C. (2013). Subsistence Fades, Capitalism Deepens: The “Net of Incorporation” and Diné Livelihoods in the Opening of the Navajo–Hopi Land Dispute, 1880-1970American Behavioral Scientist.

Hays, Christopher

Hays, Christopher and Richard Weinstein. (2010). Tchefuncte and Early Woodland, In: The Archaeology of Louisiana, LSU Press

Hays, Christopher. (2010). Adena Mortuary Patterns in Ohio. Southeastern Archaeology 29(1).

Hays, Christopher T., James B. Stoltman, and Richard A. Weinstein. (Fall 2011). From Missouri to Mississippi to Florida: More Research on the Distribution of Poverty Point Objects at the Annual Meeting of Southeastern Archaeological Society.

Hays, Christopher, Richard Weinstein, and James Stoltman. (Fall 2010). Poverty Point Objects and Baked Clay Objects in the Southeast: A Consideration of Function, History, and Meaning at the Annual Meeting of Southeastern Archaeological Society.

Hays, Christopher, James Stoltman, Richard Weinstein, and Robert Tykot. (Spring 2010). Investigating the Exchange of Poverty Point Objects and Pottery in the Poverty Point Culture Using X-Ray Fluorescence and Petrographic Thin Sectioning. Paper presented at the symposium on Current Research on the Poverty Point Culture, co-chaired by Christopher Hays and Diana Greenlee at the Annual Meeting of Society for American Archaeology. 

Herda-Rapp, Ann

Herda-Rapp, Ann and Theresa Goedeke, eds. 2005. Mad About Wildlife: Looking at Social Conflict Over Wildlife, Brill Academic Publishers, part of Human-Animal Studies series (edited by Kenneth Shapiro). Includes chapter, “Contested Meanings: The Social Construction of the Mourning Dove in Wisconsin,” co-authored with a former student.

Herda-Rapp, Ann. 2003. “The Social Construction of Threat: The Reconstruction of School Shootings in the News Media and Professional Organizations.” Sociological Inquiry, 73(4):545-574.

Herda-Rapp, Ann. 2000. “Gender Identity Expansion and Negotiation in the Toxic Waste Movement.” The Sociological Quarterly. 41(3):431-442.

Herda-Rapp, Ann. 2000. “The Impact of Social Activism on Gender Identity and Care Work: Women’s Activism in the Toxic Waste Movement.” In Care Work: Gender, Labor and Welfare States, edited by Madonna Harrington Meyer (Routledge Press).

Herda-Rapp, Ann. 2000. Review of Citizen Politics in Post-Industrial Societies, edited by Terry Nichols Clark and Michael Rempel (Westview Press, 1998). Sociological Imagination, 37 (2/3):185-188.

Herda-Rapp, Ann. 1998. “The Power of Informal Leadership.” Sociological Focus. 31(4):341-355.

Lippi, Ronald D.

Lippi, Ronald D. and Alejandra M. Gudiño. (2010). Inkas and Yumbos at Palmitopamba in northwestern Ecuador. In Distant Provinces in the Inka Empire: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Inka Imperialism, edited by Michael M. Malpass and Sonia Alconini, pp. 260-278. University of Iowa Press, Iowa City.

Lippi, Ronald D. and Alejandra M. Gudiño. (2010). Palmitopamba: Yumbos e Incas en el bosque tropical al noroeste de Quito (Ecuador). Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Etudes Andines, 39(3): 623-640.

Lippi, Ronald D. (2011). Yumbos of northwestern Ecuador as seen through their burial customs. Paper presented at the 39th Annual Midwest Conference on Andean and Amazonian Archaeology and Ethnohistory, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Lippi, Ronald D., Gudiño and Pazmiño. (2011). Incas at the tropical forest site of Palmitopamba in northwestern Ecuador. Paper presented at “Recent advances regarding ancient advances of the Incas in northernmost Chinchaysuyu,” a symposium organized by Lippi and Alejandra M. Gudiño for the 76th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Sacramento.

Lippi, Ronald D. and Alejandra M. Gudiño. (2012). Palmitopamba: proyecto arqueológico en el bosque tropical nublado ecuatoriano. Paper presented at the Society for American Archaeology Conferencia Intercontinental, Panama City, Panama. 

Peter, Gregory

Gregory Peter, Michael Bell, Susan Jarnagin, and Donna Bauer. (2006). Cultivating an Ecological Dialogue: Sustainable Agriculture and Masculinities. Chapter 6 in Country Boys: Masculinities and Rural Life. Edited by Michael M. Bell and Hugh Campbell. Pennsylvania State University Press.

Gregory Peter, Michael Bell, Susan Jarnagin, and Donna Bauer. (2005). Farm Dads: Contemporary Challenges to Fatherhood in the Fields of the Midwest. Chapter 10 in Situated Fatherhood: Negotiating Involvement in Physical and Social Contexts. Edited by William Marsiglio, Kevin Roy, and Greer Fox. Rowman and Littlefield.

Bell, Michael M., Sue Jarnagin, Gregory Peter, and Donna Bauer. (2004). Farming for Us All: Postmodern Agriculture and the Cultivation of Sustainability. Rural Studies Series of the Rural Sociological Society. College Station, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press.

Peter Korsching and Gregory Peter. (2007). Graduate Student Professional Development in Applied Sociology Courses Through Group Research Projects. Journal of Applied Social Science, (1) 2:19-28.

Gregory Peter and Peter F. Korsching. (2004). Is Entrepreneurship a Legitimate Niche for Applied Sociologists?: A Review of Basic Researchers and Practitioners in the Field. Social Insight, Volume 9(1),Spring 2004. Published by the Society for Applied Sociology.