Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why study computer science?

Seven of the ten fastest growing careers are in a branch of computer science. A career in computer science can lead to a high-paying job upon graduation and will provide you with a career that will keep your mind active and your interest up for many years to come.

Is computer science for me?

Computer science is not primarily about the use of the computer but the creation and maintenance of the software and hardware that enable computers to do so much in today's world. You will need an aptitude for problem-solving and a curiosity to constantly learn new ideas.

What degree will I receive?

Students who start with UW Colleges typically continue on to complete degrees in computer science, computer or software engineering, management information systems (MIS) or a variety of other related fields at one of the University of Wisconsin institutions or a private university.

Why choose UW Colleges?

Students who begin their degree with UW Colleges receive personal attention from dedicated instructors. Class sizes are typically less than 30 students, compared to the hundreds of students packed into lecture halls at other schools. Our instructors are professionals who have dedicated themselves to teaching.

Can I talk to someone about this?

There are several ways to contact a real person about the computer science program at UW Colleges. The best way is to find an instructor on your local campus and visit them in person. Alternatively, you can email the department chair to start finding answers.