Honors Program in Mathematics

Campus Based Honors Programs

Some campuses of the UW Colleges offer honors programs that include courses in mathematics. Eligible students in those campuses should consult with the Student Affairs Office to find out details about courses in mathematics that are included in the honors program.

Mathematics Honors Course Work

Honors course work in Mathematics may be offered at any campus in courses numbered 200 or higher for eligible students, subject to Departmental Bylaws. Interested students should contact their instructors to find out the availability of honors course work. A campus is not required to have an honors program in order to offer honors course work in a mathematics course.

Mathematics Honors Courses at UW-Marathon County

Honors in MAT 222 or MAT 223

A student may take MAT 222 or MAT 223 for Honors.

To qualify for Honors in MAT 222 or MAT 223, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Complete MAT 290 with a grade of B or better.
  • Complete MAT 222 or MAT 223 with a grade of B or better during the semester in which the student completes the MAT 290 requirement.


  • There will be no extra course work in MAT 222 or MAT 223 for Honors students. 
  • Appropriate extra course work for students taking Honors in MAT 222 or MAT 223 will be done in MAT 290.

MAT 290 – Special Topics in Calculus – 1 credit

Topics to be covered will include the following: Proofs of theorems in calculus; Applications of calculus in problem solving; Readings in the History of Calculus.
Prerequisite: A grade of B or higher in MAT 221 or consent of instructor.