Integrator of the Year

Annual Competition

What is the UW Colleges Integrator Competition?

There are many students on the UW Colleges campuses who like doing integrals for fun. Integration is challenging and important for education in mathematics. It is useful for a future career involving mathematics.

If you are the type of person who is excited about solving tough integrals, here is a chance for you to compete with other students scattered over our campuses.

How does it work?

March 14 is a special day in Mathematics. It is the International Pi Day.  March 14 can be written numerically as 3.14 ( 

To celebrate Pi Day, in a time slot which is mutually convenient to students and a professor, we will give you 5 integrals that you have to complete in 2 hours. The integrals will have varying difficulty levels but all of them will be fun to do.

Who can participate?

A registered student of any University of Wisconsin Colleges campus can participate if the student is currently enrolled in Calculus II (MAT 222) or has completed it.

If you are interested in participating, you should submit your name to the Associate Chair of the Mathematics Department or to a Mathematics Professor on your campus.


Campuses which had  students in the top three positions in previous competitions.


First Place

Second Place

Third Place


UW-Richland Center

UW-Marathon County



UW-Fond Du Lac 

UW-Fox Valley



UW-Marathon County

UW-Fox Valley



UW-Marathon County


UW-Marathon County


UW-Richland  Center

UW-Baraboo/Sauk County

UW-Richland Center


UW-Richland Center

UW- Waukesha

UW-Richland Center


Sample problems and training material 

  1. Click here to see the 2014 competition
  2. Click here to see the 2013 competition
  3. Click here to see the 2012 competition
  4. Click here to see the 2011 competition
  5. Click here to see the 2010 competition
  6. Click here to see the 2009 competition

Here are some challenging integration problems.

See if you can do them. Try each of the problems for a while and then if you need help, click on the hints page.

Challenging Integrals (Part 1)

Practice Tests

(These tests will give an indication as to the level of the actual competition.)

I will put a hints page later. Notice that the first and second problems are relatively easy. A practice we plan to carry to the actual test. I will put more tests as we progress.

Hints for Practice Tests

(You should really have a go at the integrals before looking at the hints)