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There's a U for YOU!

This section of the website is your first stop for finding the important forms, policies and information you need to do your work every day.

Office 365 upgrade

All information about the upgrade to Office 365 email, calendaring and document sharing can be found at The Office 365 SharePoint site.

Here are the most important things that have moved in

  1. Employee-specific HR pages have moved to the Administrative section in For Employees.
  2. ALL Copyright pages have moved to the Library section of the site.
  3. ALL Assessment pages have moved to the Assessment section in For Employees.
  4. The Professional Development page and its news blog, as well as ALL Grants pages have moved into the Professional Development section in For Employees. 
  5. ALL Senate pages have moved into the Governance section in For Employees.
  6. Study Abroad material for Faculty & Staff has moved out of the Study Abroad sub-site and into the Academic Resources menu in For Employees.

Three important things are still accessed via the old main menu bar:

  1. Most of the Administration section is now under the About section of the site.
  2. Employment listings and most other HR content is still on the old site under About  > Administration.
  3. There is a new Senate/Governance overview page with links under About > Administration on the site.

If you can't find something, try the search function. If you still can't find it, email