CETL Signature Programs

In addition to providing resources to support effective teaching and learning, the Center for Teaching & Excellence (CETL) will offer a handful of programs each semester, each designed to be practical, informative, thought-provoking and convenient.

  • Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars Program - The UW System’s Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars (WTFS) Program is designed to provide time (one year) to systematically reflect with peers in a supportive and open-minded community and, ultimately, to move from “scholarly teaching” to the “scholarship of teaching.” Administered by the UW System’s Office of Academic Programs and Educational Innovation and directed by UW faculty, the WTFS Program is grounded in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
  • Reading Circles - Read, reflect on and ideally discuss a book, a website or selection of articles with your colleagues across the UW Colleges. There will be three levels of participation for UWC faculty and IAS, so even those with little time can participate.
  • Workshops - Participate in an online workshop addressing some specific aspect of teaching and learning, facilitated by relevant experts.*

* The CETL assumes that the UW System, which includes the UW Colleges, has a wealth of expertise on teaching and learning, so we will most often look to our colleagues across the state for wisdom, conversation and facilitation.