Campus Safety

Campus Security

UW Colleges Campuses do not employ security guards or police to patrol campus grounds. Local police or sheriffs are called upon when needed. If you see an event or person on campus that appears suspicious, please report it immediately to the Campus Assistant Dean for Administration and Financial Services or to the Campus Dean at once. Or, if you deem necessary, dial 911 and report the incident to the authorities immediately. Campus staff should keep the doors locked when they are away from their office or work area.

All efforts are made to keep the campus secure. The Safety Committee, during its normal activities, conducts campus walks in order to identify and prevent obstructions near walkways and verify that main thoroughfares are well lit after sunset.

If you are a newly-hired employee, ask for a campus map and for a tour of the campus. This will enable you to become familiar with key building exits and best routes to follow to required work locations. Be sure you are introduced to all co-workers, maintenance staff and others you may come across during your daily activities.

Safety of Personal Property While at Work

You are responsible for the safety of your personal items such as purses, wallets, cell phones, ipads, ipods, cameras, laptops, etc., while at work. Keep these items locked up when you are away from your worksite.

Campus Parking

Ask the Campus Business Office for campus parking information; whether permits are required and where you should park. Some campuses issue tickets/have unauthorized vehicles towed away. Be sure to find out the specific rules before you park on campus.