Campus Safety Committees


The Campus Safety Committee is an integral part of UW Colleges' safety management effort. Each campus will establish a safety committee. Employees can gain valuable assistance in their areas by a joint effort with their campus committee members. All employees are expected to fully support the efforts of their Campus Safety Committee and the UW Colleges overall safety program.


The purpose of each Campus Safety Committee is to reduce the incidence of injury and illness within each campus, improve safety in the campus environment, and communicate safety procedures and policies to all employees and students. It is intended to be a proactive, rather than reactive, body pursuing creative methods of encouraging and promoting safety awareness.


The committee should be large enough to represent all levels of employment and students effectively, but with only the most efficient number of members necessary to accomplish committee goals. Members will typically include faculty representatives from Art, Biology, Chemistry, Athletics, and a student representative chosen by SGA, as well as one other faculty, one academic staff member and one classified staff member. Standing members will include the Dean or their designee, the Building and Grounds Superintendent, and the Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance. Membership length and rotation shall be determined by each campus as necessary to fulfill committee objectives.


The Campus Safety Committee shall:

  • Meet on a regular basis, at least twice a semester, with attendance required, and maintain meeting reports (See Forms section).
  • Rotate membership as deemed appropriate on each UW Colleges' Campus.
  • Develop short and long term goals.
  • Make sure that AEDs (defibrillators) located throughout campus are maintained and that trained personnel are available should they need to be used.
  • Review previous accidents, injuries, work-related illnesses and or safety-related issues.
  • Discuss accident prevention needs and solutions.
  • Conduct an annual safety walk to observe compliance with UW Colleges safety procedures and policies. Recommend changes to safety procedures and policies.
  • Forward an annual safety review report to the Institutional Safety Oversight Committee.