Physical/Personal Safety


If you are injured while performing your job duties, please see your supervisor immediately to report the injury. Please see the Accident Reporting page.

Back Safety

Sit with your back straight and your knees level with or slightly higher than your hips. Stand and walk tall with an upright posture with you chin tucked in and pelvis slightly forward. Sleep on a firm mattress on your back with a pillow under your knees. If you sleep on your side, bend your knees slightly and place a pillow between them. Avoid lifting objects above your head if possible. Use a stepladder or stepstool so you can grab objects and set them down at shoulder lever or below. Do stretches and exercises to increase your flexibility and strengthen the muscles you use for lifting. Always practice safe lifting.

Safe Lifting Techniques

Avoid slippery or uneven areas—find a different route. Prop doors open or ask someone to hold them. Make sure you have plenty of room to lift the object properly. Get help for awkward loads or with those that will block your vision. Make sure the contents won’t shift. Lift a corner gently or push the item to get a sense of its weight. Avoid twisting as you lift. Lift slowly and steadily using your legs, not your back. Bend your knees, not your waist and keep back as straight as possible. Stand as close to the load as possible facing it squarely. Use your feet to change directions and avoid twisting at the waist. Walk slowly and maintain firm footing and keep your back straight or slightly arched. Hold the load close to your body between your shoulders and waist. Let go only when the object is down and hands and toes are clear. Squat down to lower the object using your legs. Move as close as possible to where you want to place the object.

Slip and Trip Avoidance

Many slip and trip accidents occur on campus each year. Most slips are due to wet floors, sidewalks or stairways. Most trips are due to faulty carpeting or storage of boxes and other bulky items in traffic lanes or hallways. If you notice any unsafe conditions, do what you can to remedy the situation and then report it to your supervisor or campus maintenance immediately.