UW Colleges campuses strive to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for students, including those under age 18, faculty and staff. All employees, including maintenance, faculty and other staff can play a role in assuring that their workplaces are safe by inspecting worksites, practicing good housekeeping and reporting potential hazards to their supervisors. 

Additionally, newly-hired employees should become familiar with the physical layout of the campus. Learn which entrances and exits provide the safest access and egress from campus buildings. Become familiar with exit routes for fire drills and where tornado shelters are located.  Normally, this information is posted in hallways or in employee break rooms. If this information is not available, employees should contact their supervisor.                                                                                                     

Many safety issues need to be considered during the course of a normal work day. Please click on any of the following safety topics to learn more about the issues that may impact you while on the job and about the correct procedures to follow. If you have safety questions that are not addressed here, please discuss them with your supervisor and request appropriate information. If you become aware of a safety problem, report it to your supervisor immediately.