Other Grants

Business & Local Grants

Local businesses are another source for grants. A business or corporation may provide staff, equipment, facilities, food, and materials, while at the same time promoting their company to the public. Be sure not to confuse a business with a foundation (i.e. The Ford Motor Company, the Ford Foundation). A foundation operates under special government guidelines and IRS reporting requirements specified by law (much the same as a non-profit organization). Businesses tend to prefer one-time projects rather than long-term involvement. They may have a staff member designated as a "corporate-giving" contact, but many do not have a regular application procedure. You may find that locally-owned businesses may be easier to work with than franchises. The latter may refer you to a corporate office in a distant location.

Clubs & Organizations

Many civic organizations have community giving programs, and may provide staff assistance instead of money. Procedures for obtaining support are mostly informal. A successful strategy is to contact a member of the organization and then give a presentation at a meeting. Civic groups often adopt a cause and will remain a partner for some time.