Senate Policies

At its April 2017 meeting, the UW Colleges Senate approved the reorganization and renumbering of Senate policies. The reorganized policies are broken into some additional sections including institutional policies, curricular policies, policies for teaching staff, and policies for students. The prior policy number in the old structure is listed after the policy title. If you have questions about the status of specific policies, please contact Linda Baum or Holly Hassel.

General Institutional Policies - 100

General policies

Policies Governing Ethics

Governance Processes

Curricular Policies - 200

Associate Degree Policies

Bachelor Degree Policies

Curricular Planning Policies

Curricular Guidelines and Approval Process Policies

Curricular Policies for Special Programs

Instructional Policies - 300

Instructional Policies

Policies Regarding Students - 400

Policies Regarding Students

Policies for Teaching Staff - 500

Policies for Teaching Staff

Faculty Personnel Policies - 600

Hiring and Appointments

Promotion, Merit, and Review

General Faculty Personnel Policies

Instructional Academic Staff Personnel Policies - 700

Instructional Academic Staff Personnel Policies

Administrative Academic Staff Personnel Policies - 800

Hiring, Promotion, Merit, and Review for Administrative Academic Staff

General Academic Staff Personnel Policies

University Staff Personnel Policies - 900

University Staff Personnel Policies


Policies Provisionally in Effect

Institutional Policies

Curricular Policies

Policies Regarding Students

  • IP201 - Admission to Associate of Arts and Science Degree Program (see 402 above)
  • IP202 - Academic Procedures and Regulations
  • IP203 - Associate Degree Appeals (see 410 above)
  • IP204 - Grade Appeals (see 411 above)
  • IP206 - Academic Misconduct Procedures (see 412 above)
  • IP208 - Academic Policy Regarding Students with Disabilities (see 413 above)
  • IP209 - Academic Forgiveness Policy (see 414 above)
  • IP241 - Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree Program (see 403 above)

Personnel Policies that Affect Both Faculty and Academic Staff

  • IP301 - Activity Report (see 502 above)
  • IP301.01 - Administering the Student Survey of Instruction (see 308 above)
  • IP301.02 - Faculty and Academic Staff Outside Activities (see 112 above)
  • IP301.03 - Leave from Instructional Duties (see 504 above)
  • IP305 - Code of Conduct (see 111 above)
  • IP306 - Policies and Procedures on Scientific Misconduct (see 503 above)
  • IP320 - Policy on Evaluation - IAS (see 702 above)
  • IP321 - Counting Ad Hoc Experience for Probationary Appointments
  • IP323 - Instructional Academic Staff

General Institutional Policies

Faculty Personnel Policies

Hiring, Promotion, Merit, and Review


  • FPP601 - Faculty Workload (see 622 above)
  • FPP602 - Faculty Seniority (see 621 above)
  • FPP603 - Voluntary Transfers Between Campuses (see 601 above) 
  • FPP604 - Standardized Grievance Procedures (see 625 above)

Academic Staff Personnel Policies

Hiring, Promotion, Merit, and Review

  • ASPP701 - Academic Staff Appointments and Titles (see 801 above)
  • ASPP702 - Rolling Horizon Appointment Policy & Procedures (see 802 above)
  • ASPP703 - Annual Evaluation and Distribution of Merit - NIAS (see 803 above)
  • ASPP704 - Academic Staff Promotion, Progression, and Retitling Policy - NIAS (see 804 above)
  • ASPP705 - Emeritus Status for Academic Staff (see 811 above)
  • ASPP706 - Dismissal of Academic Staff for Cause (see 812 above)
  • ASPP708 - Titling Guidelines for Instructional Academic Staff (see 703 above)


  • ASPP801 - NIAS Leave of Absence Without Pay Policy (see 813 above)
  • ASPP802 - Layoff for Reasons of Budget or Program (see 814 above)
  • ASPP804 - Non-Renewal of Fixed-Term Renewable Appointments (see 815 above)