Advisory Committee

The UW Colleges Copyright Advisory Committee was appointed by the provost in July 2011 to advise students, faculty, and staff on a variety of issues related to copyright and its application within the UW Colleges. An executive subcommittee of the Advisory Committee serves as liaison between the UW Colleges and the UW System Office of General Counsel in Madison on questions of copyright.

The following executive subcommittee members also serve as the institutional copyright officer:

  • Michael Pierick, Assistant Dean for Administrative Services, UW-Rock County
  • Scott Silet, Library Director, UW-Waukesha
  • Beth Webb, Academic Librarian, UW-Rock County

UW Colleges Libraries (3): staggered three-year terms (nominated by Library Council Executive Committee)

  • Three-year term starting 2014-2017 Peggy Turnbull, Academic Librarian, UW-Manitowoc,
  • Three-year term starting 2015-2018 Cheryl Nessman, Director, LSS,
  • Three-year term starting 2015-2018 Lee Wagner, Academic Librarian, UW-Washington County,

UW Colleges Senate (1): two-year term (nominated by Senate Steering Committee)

  • Two-year term, starting 

UW Colleges IT Support Services (1): three-year term (nominated by Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology)

  • Three-year term, starting 

UW Colleges Online (1): three-year term (nominated by Director of Distance Education)

  • Initial one-year term, starting 2011-2012, three-year term starting 

UW Colleges Office of Academic Affairs (1): (nominated by Provost)

  • Two-year term, starting 

Academic Department Chair (1): two-year term (nominated by Chair of Chairs)

  • Two-year term, starting 2011-13
    To be named

At-large members (2): two-year terms (nominated by Senate Steering Committee)

  • Faculty member, two-year term, starting 
  • Additional faculty or academic staff member, initial one-year term 2011-2012, two-year term starting 

The committee wishes to thanks the following people for their assistance:

UW Colleges Office of Marketing: Vicki Keegan and Kelly Gatzke

UW Colleges Office of Distance Education: Shirley Hensch

UW Colleges/UW Extension Information Technology: Bill Meyer, Dan Stout, and Karen Cornelius

UW System Office of General Counsel: Christopher L. Ashley

And former members of the UW Colleges Copyright Committee David Dettman, Bill Gillard, Dale Redmond, and Margaret Turnbull. Karen Franker.