Library to Learning Commons: A New Space for Students to Grow and Connect

April 13, 2017

concept drawing of Manitowoc library

This summer, the University of Manitowoc begins construction on its long awaited renovation project. One of the most exciting and anticipated parts of the project will be the opening of the campus’s new library. In August, the current library will be relocated from its current location on the second floor of Founder’s Memorial Hall to the first floor near the main entrance. We are certain this move will increase the visibility of the library and provide new opportunities to grow our services in ways that better meet the rapidly evolving needs of our students. The new library will not only include the latest and most relevant information resources but will also house key services such as tutoring, technology support, and access to a variety of study spaces designed to accommodate a diverse range of learning styles. Some of the most exciting features include the addition of more group study rooms, an active learning space, and new more room for collaboration with classmates and faculty. 


Unlike the current library, the new library will be organized around the notion of a learning commons, a space intended not just for the traditional tasks of reading and writing but as a venue for exploring new ideas, collaborating with others, reflecting as learners, and, last but not least, relaxing and having fun. It will also facilitate the integration of many of our support services, making it easier for students to find a tutor, learn about new technology, or get research assistance on the spot. It is our hope, that this new space will promote strong connections between students, the community, and the range of topics they encounter in their classes. We eagerly anticipate it’s opening this fall semester and hope you share our enthusiasm too. Please stay tuned for more updates!