Library Resources You Don't Want To Miss

June 28, 2017

Each UW Colleges library has a number of informative, interesting and helpful resources. Here are the top five you should know about!

In addition to the 5 great UW Colleges Library resources feature in the video above, we recommend that faculty and staff check out these 3 resources!


If you like to keep up with research trends in your field, then Browzine is for you.  It helps you collect your favorite journals in one place, read their table of contents, and links you to the full-text when available.  You can step up multiple bookshelves to help keep all that information organized.  Set up your account to get started.  Browzine also has an app, so you can keep up with trends wherever you go!

New York Times 

Through UW Colleges Libraries students and staff have complete access to and NYT Mobile Apps!  Keep up with the news, check out the archives, or find some new books to read (don’t forget to let your librarian know you’d like to see those books in our libraries)!  Plus, with access on the app, you can the New York Times wherever you may be this summer.  Interested?  Start here!

Pop Culture Universe    

This database allows you to revisit your favorite decade or explore some that fascinate you.  The Roaring Twenties, The Swingin’ Sixties, The Information Age, and more are there for your perusal.  Go ahead, live your dream of living in the 1900s for a while, we promise we won’t tell anybody.  Check it out here!