Preparing for Finals: Advice from the Library

December 7, 2017

Finals are coming, but don’t panic!

Every UW College library has ample study space. If you like to study in groups to learn more and keep on task, there are tables and study rooms where you can speak at a reasonable volume. If you prefer to study alone, you can find a cubicle in a quieter area of the library.

Advice from the Library:

Feel stuck?

*TIP: It helps to swap study locations every once in a while to help retain information. Don’t sit in the same spot for hours! Take breaks, switch subjects, and change locations if you’re getting stuck or bored.

Looking for resources  to complement your research or to better understand a subject?

*TIP: Ask your Librarian! They can help you find resources like these: subject guides or streaming videos.

Need an exam with accommodations proctored?

*TIP: The Library can help! Remember to schedule these as soon as possible - don't wait til the last minute. Do it now.


If you’re writing a paper:


  • create separate Word documents for each source you use.
  • Write the citation at the top of the page and note the page number where you’re taking notes from.
  • Organize your sources as early as possible, this will help you with your in-text citations and reference list. If you save citing sources for the end, it’s easy to make mistakes
  • Ask a librarian if you need help with citations!


If you have a lot of information to cover:


  • writing annotated bibliographies is a good way to organize and review a lot of information.
  • Consider also writing summaries of your notes and making short quizzes for yourself. Review these every day for at least 15 minutes—before bedtime is particularly effective for memorization.


Now is the time to note your library’s hours!

*TIP: But if you’re at home and need immediate help, use "Click to Chat" on the right-hand side of your library’s home page.

Don’t forget

that you need to sign in at Search@UW (top right corner) when you’re off campus to have full access to library resources.

Good luck with finals. You’re almost there!