West Bend Connections - Book Club

November 9, 2017

UW-Washington County has a strong connection to the community it serves. 

Every year Washington County community members attend events on campus that they have come to expect such as the Fall Lecture Series, the Fine Arts performances, and the Spring Art Festival.

In addition to the annual events, when a once in a lifetime opportunity arose like the recent solar eclipse, Associate Professor Swapnil Tripathi jumped at the chance to educate and entertain the greater community because that is why we are here.

Not just to educate the enrolled students, but as a resource to the community.

That is why I agreed to partner with the Book Review group and lead the book discussions when I was approached, because I was so impressed by my colleagues connections to the community and the expectation of community partnership on campus, that I wanted to contribute to that culture.  And to be honest, I am honored to be a part of a university that is so approachable and accessible.

The Book Review group has been meeting for 60 years.  Numbers have ebbed and flowed over the years but currently there are about 50 members who attend regularly. The group is made up of entirely women, though the volunteer organizers say that is not by design and the group is open to everyone.  Many of the members are retired teachers or librarians but they are all voracious readers. 6 times a year this group gets together at the West Bend Country Club and they laugh and chat, eat lunch, and hear about a good book. Unlike most book clubs, having read the book is not a requirement. We spend about 2 hours together, the first half getting to know the book and the second half getting to know each other.

  • I look forward to the book group every month
  • I contribute to the strength of the campus and community partnership
  • I enjoy getting to know the members of this group
  • It pushes me to expand my reading list and think deeply

That is why I am a partner with the Book Review group in West Bend.
Like my colleague, jump at the chance to be a resource to your community!