We've come a long way! Demand-driven and online purchase suggestions for libraries.

March 17, 2017

Student using card catalog in 1971 at UW Sheboygan library.
Student using the card catalog in 1971 at the UW-Sheboygan Library.

Thanks to our UW Colleges’ Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Librarians, faculty and students can now suggest library purchases with a few clicks and keystrokes. Using our simple online form, we invite you to send us your suggestions for books, movies, or music that you would like to see in our library collections.

Not sure what you need? Then you might appreciate our new demand driven e-book collection found in Search@UW. 200+ new e-books that fit our customized purchasing profile are available for immediate use by students or staff. Titles viewed multiple times become a permanent part of our digital library. Just like a video on-demand service, the libraries only pay for titles our patrons want while eliminating the typical wait time for interlibrary loan.