Due Dates

Tuition and Fees

Summer 2018

Tuition and Fees are due by the first day of the first week for each summer session.  Note: Summer has a multitude of sessions beginning on a variety of dates.  In order to identify the date in which the fees are due, students are encouraged to review their Prism account. Late Fee - $50 per session  

Fall 2018

Tuition and Fees are due by September 17, 2018; the 10th day of the term. Late Fee - $100

Winterim 2019

Date is yet to be determined.

Spring 2019

Tuition and Fees are due by February 8, 2019; the 10th day of the term. Late Fee - $100  

Late Fee

In order to avoid incurring a late fee, students have three options:

1.  Pay account balance in full by the due date;

2.  Verify anticipated financial aid will cover the balance in full;

  1. If anticipated financial aid is less than account balance, students are required to pay the remaining balance in full or deposit $200 towards the Credit Agreement (as described below).

3.  Deposit $200 (of personal funds) towards the Credit Agreement also known as Installment Pay Plan.  See the Terms and Conditions. This option is only available during Fall and Spring semesters.