SAP Appeal Process

Students who fail to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and can demonstrate extenuating circumstances and changes being made to ensure that SAP standards will be met in the future may appeal. Students who have an appeal approved must complete a SAP Contract with the campus Solution Center or Online Advisor. If an appeal is denied, a student may continue enrollment at his/her own expense and is responsible for any balance owed to UW Colleges.

The SAP contract is an academic plan which will assist the student in meeting SAP requirements in future semesters. Students must meet SAP requirements OR meet the requirements of a contract in order to continue receiving aid.

Appeal Forms

Use the forms listed below for submitting appeals. Complete all steps listed on the form and attach required documentation. Students will be notified of the results of the appeal within two weeks. If you are uncertain which SAP Appeal Form to complete, please check with your campus Solution Center/Student Affairs Office.

Level One SAP Appeal Form (SAP1)
This form is used for most SAP appeals. Complete and submit with required documentation to the campus Solution Center/Student Affairs Office.

Level Two SAP Appeal Form (SAP2)
This appeal is only for certain circumstances:

  • If a student was denied a SAP1 appeal by the campus committee, he or she may appeal to the UW Colleges Student Financial Aid Office using this form. A SAP2 appeal is to be submitted only when the student has further information for consideration that was not present to the campus committee or feels he or she was not fairly treated during the initial appeal.
  • All appeals of maximum timeframe must be submitted to the UW Colleges Student Financial Aid Office via a SAP2 form.

SAP Appeal Short Form (SAP3)

In most cases, students will need to complete the standard appeal form above (SAP1). Complete and submit the SAP3 form to your campus Solution Center/Student Affairs Office only if you:

  • Are eligible for the first-time reinstatement in your first term of enrollment as per your Academic Advisor.
  • Signed a SAP Contract for the term previous to the current one and you fulfilled the contract requirements.