3 Big Reasons Start your College Journey with UW Colleges

By UW Colleges

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Learning what a campus has to offer plays a big role in your higher education decision. Read what students at the University of Wisconsin Colleges campuses have to say about attending a 2-year college. Their insight will give you a better understanding what your local UW Colleges campus has to offer.

Small Classes Taught by Award-Winning Faculty

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Starting at a UW Colleges 2-year campus means you'll be taught by dedicated, award-winning professors. Learn through hands-on projects and engaging lectures in classes with an average of 21 students.

“My campus feels like one big happy family. Everyone is there for one another and is willing to help you out. The professors have an open-door policy, which means their doors are always open if we have any questions. Everyone is so nice, and I love being a part of this campus.” -Sierra L., UW-Marshfield/Wood County

“The professors and advisors at UWMC have been so helpful, making the transition from high school to college easier than I expected. The smaller class sizes and friendly professors make it a great learning environment.” -Emily J., UW-Marathon County

A Strong Sense of Community

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UW Colleges campuses range from 461-2119 students enrolled. When your campus is smaller, you can expect to get to know a lot of familiar faces. These newfound connections lead to tight-knit communities on our 2-year campuses.

“What makes UW-Waukesha so special is the sense of community here. I can’t walk 10 feet without running into someone I know. My campus is so tight-knit and it’s what makes it different from other campuses.” -Daniel S., UW-Waukesha

“I love that we are a smaller school...and with that comes some really close friendships and cooperative work among clubs and organizations. It's really hard to feel alone here.” -Jacob L., UW-Fond du Lac

A Work-Life Balance

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Many of our students have a full-time class schedule while maintaining a part-time job. Our hands-on approach helps students maintain a healthy work-life balance.

“I learned that working hard pays off. That maintaining a work-life balance isn’t impossible. That you don’t need to move to the big cities to receive quality goods or to have lifelong experiences. I’ve learned that being part of a community that is full of so many different walks of life is a starting point for understanding things beyond yourself – which is one of the things that makes up an awesome life.” -Jodi H., UW-Rock County

“At UW-Rock, you will learn the skills in time management and the ability to put your priorities in perspective." -Shekinah M., UW-Rock County