5 Ways to Stay Motivated in School

By UW Colleges


two women studying

Staying motivated isn’t always easy. As homework piles on, you may feel too overwhelmed to even begin. With these five tips, you’ll get back into your academic groove.

1. Get Enough Sleep

woman and pug in bed

Get your eight hours! According to WebMD, a lack of sleep makes it difficult to learn efficiently. It can also make you forgetful and effects your mood in a negative way. By sleeping the proper amount, you will feel recharged and ready to take on your day.

2. Turn Off the Technology

people texting

Having your phone in your eye line is distracting. You may feel enticed to look at Facebook or Instagram which makes it hard to get back to studying. Either put your phone away or try out an app that blocks time-suckers.

3. Write Down Your Goals

woman writing

It’s easy to lose motivation when you forget about your end goals. Take a moment to write down what you hope to achieve after college. Remembering that all of this hard work will lead to something good makes it worthwhile to put in the effort.

4. Study in a New Way

woman studying in coffee shop

You may be unmotivated because you find your work boring. Try doing homework or studying in a way you normally wouldn’t. Try a new study spot, or ask a few friends to join you at the library. For more ideas, read 5 Ways to Switch Up Your Studying Routine.

5. Have Planned Breaks

man running

Taking a break from homework isn’t a crime! Set aside small increments to recharge. You can use your breaks to go on a walk or to take a quick nap. Sticking to set breaks will help you get back into studying.