5 Ways to Switch Up Your Studying Routine

By UW Colleges

couple studying

Have you ever been in a study slump? Are you feeling a lack of motivation? Switching up your studying routine may be the solution to get back on track. Here are a few tips to change things up!

1. Find a New Study Spot

female at coffee shop

Staring at the same library wall may leave you feeling bored and lethargic. A change of scenery could be the fix! Check out that new coffee shop you’ve been meaning to try, or if it’s nice outside, take your laptop to a picnic table. Find somewhere that you look forward to going. 

2. Try Studying Apps

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Studying apps can be great for studying on-the-go. They can help you keep track of assignments, make digital notecards and study in new ways. Check out these study apps to see if any work for you.  

3. Go Old School


Maybe you’re tired of using apps and your laptop. Though they are great resources, give yourself a break from screen-time when you’re feeling fatigued. Try more traditional ways of studying like color-coded notecards or highlighting readings.

4. Study with Friends

three friends studying

A great way to stay on track is to find a study group. Whether you all are in the same course or different ones, studying with people prevents the urge to quit and watch Netflix. Verbally quizzing each other is a great way to test your knowledge! 

5. Make a Study Playlist

woman with headphones on using laptop

Find music that gets you in the zone! Some people find it difficult to study while listening to songs with lyrics. If you’re one of them, try instrumental music. Music has the potential to boost your mood and help you focus.