Account Password Updates For Students

Follow these steps to change your UW Colleges Account password
By UW Colleges

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UW Colleges students will be required to change their passwords in the coming weeks in an effort by the UW System to ensure the highest level of online security. The UW Colleges Central Information Technology Services (CITS) team is in charge of carrying out these updates.

Students should receive an email from CITS with details on how to change their account password. If you’ve already changed your password, you’re all set. If you’re still holding out, just follow these easy steps to make the change.

  1. You will need to use the self-service portal to change your password.  Navigate to the CITS website and use the “Change Password” button on the front page of the site to access the Password Self-Service Portal.
  2. Please enroll in password self-service by providing an alternate email address along with an optional phone number for text message and optional security questions. If you choose not to use a phone number or security question, that is fine—just know it is a possibility.   
  3. Once enrolled in the self-service portal, you can change your password or view when it will next expire. If it’s been 180 days or more since you have changed your password, please change your password.

Learn more about these changes and password requirements from the UW System Administrative Policies.

If you have any questions about this process or you run into any issues, please contact CITS for assistance.

Central IT Client Services
Local: 608-2625034
Toll-Free: 888-8939892
Online: CITS Website
Email: CITS Client Services